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How do I sign up?

You can sign up here on the Website by clicking the "Register Team" tab up at the top right corner of the page, or you can find us at our various table standing sessions (check the calendar tab for times and locations), or you can even sign up the morning of the event until 11am.

What do I get for my registration money?

You will get to tug at least twice (more if you keep winning), free food from Texas Roadhouse, a free Calzone from DP Dough at the Kickoff Event if you're one of the first 1000 people to attend, before and after team pictures at our photobooth, a Dunk Tank, Lawn Games, and much much more!

Why should we make an account on the website?

The account helps you and us track orders and registrations, that way if there was a problem, this would help us resolve it quicker!

Where is my money going to?

All the proceeds of this event go to the Hillside Family of Agencies that provides needed social services in our community. Scroll down to check out more about them and for a link to their site.

What is a "Mud Tug"?

Mud Tug is arguably where you'll get the dirtiest you'll be in your whole college career... well for most people at least. It's 10 vs. 10 tug-o-war over 5 massive mud pits to see who the strongest and most clever RIT students are. It doesn't matter if you're big and strong or small and skinny, the event is for everyone and is just a fun day and a blast to be at... and there's free food from Texas Roadhouse. That's worth it in itself honestly.

These FAQ’s didnt answer all my questions, what do I do?

You can contact us through the contact tab at the top right,, or at any table standing session (check the calendar tab) if you want to talk to us face to face.

Why should you come?

Every day there is a growing number of Families and Children in communities like ours who struggle for access to Health, Educational, and Human Resources. We decided to help the Hillside Family of Agencies because they deliver these quality and proven services to communities, to help Families and Children meet their needs all over the US. All proceeds of this event go directly to Hillside and impact thousands of people. So while you come out and have a fun day with us, you're also helping a much greater cause! 


Mud Tug is a massive Tug of War competition held behind Gracies annually. Teams are comprised of 10-12 people, organized in Men's, Women's, and Coed Divisions. It is the second largest student run event on campus, with all proceeds going to the Hillside Family of Agencies. We raise an annual donation usually totaling over $10,000! The whole event is voluntarily organized and run by students in Phi Kappa Psi and another organization at RIT, two greek organizations at RIT.


Show our sponsors some love!

They're the ones that make all the generous donations to make this all work. They care a lot about our community, so you should care about them!


Event Calendar

This is our Event Calendar for everything that we're doing. Use this to find when and where we'll be at Table Standing and for other event info!